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A Visible Change

April 1, 2019



During one of my bible study group meetings a friend of mine shared that she knew someone who never wanted to experience joy because she didn't want the fall that she expected to follow from the high of that joy. So she was always waiting for the other shoe to drop. After she shared that I began to tell the group how I related to that girl we were discussing. I would always expect the worse in every situation. Now if something good happened well that was alright, but if something bad happened I wouldn't be surprised because I expected it. Always living in this disappointed state of mind, just negative all the time. I knew that girl that they were talking about because I WAS that girl once upon a time. After sharing that, one of the ladies turns around to me and says "I just cannot imagine that you were like that." And I was once again reminded that I am not who I once was. I HAVE changed and its a visible change

That statement of disbelief from her wasn't the first time I had heard that, and lets be clear: we're not talking arrogance here people we are talking facts. I have shared with others in the past about how I use to live, thoughts I use to have, things that I use to do and the response is always the same. Every time it happens I am reminded of how God's grace has changed me. I'm humbled by the fact that now, when people see me they don't see my past. Who I am now doesn't line up with who I once was... Which is the way that it should be if we‘re being real here (2 Corinthians 5:17)... Now when they see me they see a reflection of God's grace and mercy that has been with me all of my life. 



So when I purchased this mug I honestly wasn't a fan of the wording on it. Its just that I loved the gold and pink combo (girly girl here!) and it was the only one they had left in those colors. So I ended up with a case of buyers remorse because once I got it home I realized that I didn't want to declare that I was "Sassy. Since. Birth", although I do have a little of that in me (just saying). I definitely didn't need to be reminded of it every time I sipped my coffee. Well I have different feelings about what I now call my “cup of humility.“ Now when I sip my coffee from it I am reminded that who I once was sassy, negative, sad, and miserable, I no longer choose to be. I don't have to be those things anymore. I choose to be who God says I am, Chosen (1 Peter 2:9) and Loved (John 3:16). So now when I'm having my humble cup of caffeine I get to reflect on where God has brought me from. Which allows me to appreciate Him more and more. 


So what about you? What causes you to reflect on what God has done in your life? Is there a visible change? Or perhaps an internal reminder that you are not who you once were? Feel free to share in the comments. If you don't have an answer I invite you to do some reflecting, some spiritual inventory on how God has done some changing in your life. Take time to appreciate the change in you provided by the amazing God that we serve. 

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