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Your trash, His treasure!

February 22, 2019





I didn’t know what Mug to feature this time around. I was waiting on the Lord to show me what to do. I was waiting for instructions or some idea to come to me. Well, the other night as I was trying to do too many things at once (bad habit of mine) I went to put up a mug and dropped it. There went my most recently bought white and gold Mug with “#blessed mama” on it, broken into pieces. After kicking myself for being clumsy it hit me, I never got to use this one on the blog! Once the disappointment passed, I began collecting the fragments of the Mug. As I was putting them in the trash the Holy Spirit said, “Take them out, I can still use that”.  

So there I was going through the trash to dig out what I thought was now junk to get a picture for this post. As I was trying to put some of the pieces back together I got to thinking about how I’ve done this in real life (He really did use the mug ya’ll!). How I’ve counted myself out, thought I wasn’t good enough. Then on the other hand I’ve tried to salvage the fragments of myself, my life. Tried to put them back together in whatever way I knew how. Buying things I didn’t need or couldn’t afford. Exposing myself to things I never should have. Surrounding myself with people I didn’t need to be around. All to try and put myself back together, not realizing I was just making a bigger mess.
All of that instead of going to the ultimate fixer. The one who could take my mess and make it a beautiful blessing. All I had to do was let Him in. To yield to His voice calling me, telling me “I can still use you”. That’s all it took.

God can use anyone. No matter what they’ve done or haven’t done. He’s not biased where any of us are concerned. Take Moses for example, God called him to do a great thing for the children of Israel. God called this man who had murdered someone and ran. A man who doubted himself. A man who didn’t believe he could do what was expected of him. A man who was embarrassed about the way he talked. I mean he begged God to send someone else. Then God (being the patient God that He is) assured Moses that he could in fact be who he was being called to be. God made sure that Moses knew that he could be used. That God could still use him, in spite of who he was or what he had done, because God would be with him,”tell the people of Isreal ‘I-AM’ sent you” (Vs. 14 MSG). God used Moses to do great things! And as it was then so it is now.

There wasn’t enough glue in the world that could’ve saved my shattered mug, but God was still able to use it. There isn’t anything you or I could ever do to fix ourselves. We don’t have to put our ourselves back together before God uses us. The truth is we can’t, no matter how hard we try. God can take whatever shape you are in and make it into something great. He will take every hardship, heartache, tragedy, trial, and trauma and use it to make the ultimate testimony. No matter what it seems like, God is with you always and He uses whatever you have to do whatever He needs to do in you and through you.

So before you decide throw it all away or give up, allow God to come in and use it for your good. What you deem as trash God welcomes as His treasure!



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