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January 18, 2019




Confession time: my mug is not the star of the show this time around. This post is all about the scrumptious muffin beside it (made by yours truly). So, lets talk muffins... 

I was in the kitchen making my baby girl some blueberry muffins. She’s been asking for them all week. As if I could’ve just snapped my fingers and *poof* muffins, right? Of course as a two year old she doesn’t grasp the idea that it takes more than that to get the muffins. That it takes steps and a process to get to that finished product.

Well, as I was in the kitchen, listening to my worship music and preparing all the ingredients to come together I began to think about the whole process of making them. How it takes some work to get to those delicious muffins. It takes some measuring, sifting, pouring, and mixing. It might get a little messy along the way too. Then I thought about the different ingredients that come together to make something really good (if you’re doing it right lol). Each individual ingredient may not taste so good by itself. In fact, some may not be of any good use by themselves. But when they come together they make something grand!


The Holy Spirit began to show me how that applies to my faith walk with God. God has taken all the different things that have happened in my life and used them to make something blessed by Him; the woman that I am today. Every trial, every test, every good AND bad thing; He has taken it all. Just like the muffin ingredients, it got a little messy along the way. Each individual thing may not have been useful (in my eyes) but when they all came together they made me who I am today. I can take comfort in knowing that “All things work together for the good of those who love God—those who he has called according to his plan” like Romans 8:28 says. 






In that scripture Paul was trying to encourage the believers in Rome to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Letting them know that all they were enduring wasn’t a waste. That yes, it was hard but what God had in store for them would be greater than what they were experiencing at that time. The same still applies to us. Yes, life is hard (nothing compared to what Paul endured of course) God never promised us it wouldn’t be, BUT He will take all of it and make it a blessing. He takes all the “ingredients” and makes the most delicious thing you’ve ever experienced. In the end we are better for it.

So my wonderful people, let’s keep in mind the process. We may not be happy about some of the things we’ve been through. We may not be excited about our current situation, but lets think of it as just another step in the process of us becoming who God has called us to be. That He is cooking up something great in us, for us. 



And because we serve an awesome God the  end product will be just as fantastic as my blueberry muffins that baby girl just had to have :).


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