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What are we sipping on? : Truth or Lies

May 23, 2018


I like the taste of coffee. I use to be a “coffee with my cream and sugar” kind of gal, but I’ve since changed my habits. I don’t like my coffee extremely sweet anymore; I’ve lost the desire for the sweetness. Now when I drink coffee I like it a bit strong. As a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur (not really lol) I’ve tried quite a few different kinds of coffee and strengths as well. One thing I’ve come to find out is that I can’t drink just any kind of coffee any more. Here comes the story line....


In an effort to save a few coins I bought some cheap coffee. After trying it I found out that I am not an “any coffee will do” person. I went from drinking Starbucks to some watered down version that pales in comparison to the bold and robust flavors of what my sister calls “Starbae.” I’ll tell you now there is a BIG difference between the two. I couldn’t go from the real thing to some off brand version and expect the same taste; it just doesn’t work that way. Well the same goes for the truth and lies, more specifically God’s truth and Satan’s lies.


The devil’s intent is to keep us side tracked and distracted with his lies. The more distracted we are the more we lose focus on God and all the things we know to be true about Him. The enemy will use your circumstances, your mind set, or anything he can get his hands on to keep you from what God has for you. Take a look for yourself in Matthew Chapter 4 verses 1-11. Jesus had been “fasting for forty days and forty nights, he was hungry.” Then in comes Satan trying to tempt Him to tell the “stones to become bread.” He knew that Jesus was in a state of hunger and tried to distract Him from what He was doing and trick Him into thinking something other than what He knew to be so.


It’s the same way the devil tries to trick us. Has us believing we are what he says we are instead of who God says we are. He gets us to a place where we shut everyone out and it’s just us and his lies. Once he has you there he can begin to work his lies in you. Before you know it you believe what he says. You start sipping on the lies and you develop a taste for them. And because you’ve now got an acquired taste for them the truth is not appealing to you.



The devil will have you so messed up that you forget who you are and whose you are. Then you begin to speak those very same lies to yourself. “I’m not good enough” I’m no pretty enough” “I don’t look the part” “I don’t belong, I’ll never be accepted." The enemy will use you to destroy you. You become your biggest enemy. But if you’re like me the taste of truth doesn’t go away. It’s just been overtaken for a period of time. You’ve been sipping on the “off brand” version of your reality. Sometimes we take lies from Satan because it’s easier to deal with than God’s truth. Sometimes the truth of God will cost you some things. It’ll cost you some relationships, some friendships, some loved ones, some finances, some comfort. God’s truth takes work, but in an effort to “save a few coins” you go the cheap route (like my cheap coffee route). And as we’ve come to find out the off brand and the real thing do not taste the same. The same way that God’s truth and Satan’s lies do not taste the same. When you sip on lies you miss out on the robust and bold flavor of God’s truth.



So I encourage us to do as David said in Psalms 34:8 “taste and see that the Lord is good.” Don’t give in to the lies Satan throws your way, as tempting as they may seem sometimes. Instead decide to get into the Word of God. Get to know it for yourself. Get your taste buds acquainted with what His truth tastes like. Once you get to know the Lord and who He is you’ll find that nothing can compare to His truth and His love for you. Nothing tastes better than the real thing and that real thing for me is Jesus Christ.

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